I train & coach Entrepreneurs through the Start-Up process!

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“Most entrepreneurs don’t stay in business for long enough to figure out what it is that they want to do. They quit before they learn to convert their initial failures into long-term successes! – This is why I coach!”

Tonisha TagoeConsultant, Coach, Academic

Recent Event Partners

“Tonisha has been instrumental in helping us and our clients create platforms to bring our stories to the World. Finding a complete and professional media house offering Video Production and Content marketing services finished to a particularly high standard has ensured consistency throughout all of our projects. Thanks Tonisha!!!”
Yava GlobalFounder

“Tonisha provided us with important insight in the direction of our visuals and media related strategy as an organisation. It is our wish and desire to continue to work with them as partners in the forseeable future in growing our business as we mature through our business cycle.”

Kevin A.Head of Business Development