This is me. Superpreneur by day & SuperMum by night. I never sleep… almost.

According to flexiworkforce “The Superpreneur needs little introduction, mostly because you know and feel them when you see them. Their entrepreneurial pursuits span space, time, countries and nations.”


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20 Facts About Me

I’ve started a 30day blogging challenge (with myself and my chimp)! Hence the title of this post! It’s day 1 of the challenge so apparently I need to share 20 Facts about myself!   I am a mum I am dyslexic I have a pet chimp I have a small dog I enjoy creative activities […]

Friends in High Places


Have you been over to Press Arena?

Video Production

I work with a wide range of technical specialists who can deliver your video specifications. Whether you require video editing or more complex services such as time lapse techniques or green screens, we can work together to create your desired outcome.


I love to share my knowledge! Let us help you to accelerate the implementation of your business vision before your competitors do, and guard your brand reputation while doing it.

Content Marketing

Business To business advertising can be profitable but tricky. Having a documented content strategy is the difference in B2B marketing success. I’ll work with you to create quality content that allows your business to go B2B from the outset.

Press Arena has been instrumental in helping us and our clients create platforms to bring our stories to the World.  Finding a complete and professional media house offering Video Production and Content marketing services finished to a particularly high standard has ensured consistency throughout all of our projects.  Thanks Press Arena!!!

Yava GlobalTalent Management

Press Arena has been an important part in the development the Ticket Terminal business. They have provided us with important insight in the direction of our visuals and media related strategy as an organisation. It is our wish and desire to continue to work with them as partners in the forseeable future in growing our business as we mature through our business cycle.

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