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"Behind every focused woman is one hell of a story!"

Here's a piece of mine!

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About Me

Get to know me

I’m an award-winning entrepreneur, academic and businesswoman who is passionate about elevating businesses through open and honest dialogue and practical steps. I’m an entrepreneurship specialist developing courses for everyone including children as young as six.

It is my mission to support entrepreneurs of all ages in finding the confidence and skills needed to achieve success in the world of business. Through passionate and personalised teaching, I impart the importance of having strong values and being able to stand independently against anything thrown your way.

Over the past 17 years, I have developed a bespoke methodology for supporting leaders through the ‘Five Stages of Growth’, in addition to supplying the tools and resources required by those who are hungry to learn and evolve on their entrepreneurial journey.

Like what you see? Get in touch and let me help you discover how to embark on the path toward success; the road you are destined for.

Me in Brief

What I do & how I started

  • I’ve been featured on CNN, New York Times, Sunday Express & OK Magazine
  • I have worked alongside well-known names such as Robert Greene, Michael Essen and James Caan
  • I’ve spoken at organisations such as Metro Bank and Sky.
  • I’ve amassed a following of over 46,000 people across my social network with over 29 million views on my business development videos.
  • I’m an award-winning videographer
  • I’m MBA Lecturer on Entrepreneurship at a number of universities
  • I’m mum to 18 year old Ty!

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