I train & coach Entrepreneurs through the Start-Up process!

Here’s a little behind the scenes information about me!

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400 +

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International Brand Launches!

“Most entrepreneurs don’t stay in business for long enough to figure out what it is that they want to do. They quit before they learn to convert their initial failures into long-term successes! – This is why I coach!”

Tonisha TagoeConsultant, Coach, Academic


I’m a Film and Television Producer tuned Enterprise Educator and Start-Up Coach with a strong track record in Work-Based Learning and Higher Education.

I would say my strengths lay in my ability to develop and maintain strategic trusted relationships and collaborating across different value chains. My focus on training and coaching as primary modes of creating strategic enterprise business value have led me to develop strong leadership qualities required when guiding and managing innovation in large teams, across multiple projects, and countries.

Through a successful career as a producer, I developed my skillset in leading diverse global teams. I now use these skills to produce, build and maintain sustainable global and cross-platform Enterprise Education processes.

On completing training with me, my entrepreneurs are able to deliver value through digital solutions that incorporate sound business processes, new technology, and ease of communication to optimize business performance.