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Realise and manifest your potential into achievable goals with extensive knowledge from our range of online courses. From economics to cultural sensitivity, The Enterprise Toolbox has all the resources you need to launch a successful career in business. 

Current Modules

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International Entrepreneurship

The International Entrepreneurship module is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who plans to do business with people from across the world in a comprehensive but simple learning framework. The module will cover a variety of important topics for operating a successful business overseas, such as international trade laws and tapping into new markets.

MBA Economics

MBA Economics provides a deep understanding of key economic principles while allowing you to develop powerful quantitative reasoning in the application of business planning and decision-making. If you have a mind for markets and finance, then this economics MBA is the ideal course for you. 

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Learn how to identify and capitalise on any opportunity thrown your way as an entrepreneur in this unique but important learning module. Making the most of any situation and earning a tidy profit from it is a key ability in any successful business’ arsenal. 

Cross Cultural Management

Learn how to effectively and sensitively navigate interactions with individuals and groups from all walks of life in a module that will impart the values of celebrating diversity and  culture in business.

Entrepreneurial Development

This module imparts learners with the benchmark methods for identifying, nurturing, supporting and growing the talents of new and young entrepreneurs. Optimal skills and techniques for turning creativity into achievable goals will be covered alongside an in-depth analysis of case studies involving successful entrepreneurs and their development.

Introduction to Management

Introduction to Management welcomes new and young learners into the world of leadership by imparting the basics of managing a team in a modern context. The module covers the essentials for successful management, such as planning, organising, staffing, directing, and controlling a business or organisation.

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