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Case Study: Spellweave

Learn the story of passionate artists who made their dreams into a reality.

Their thoughts:

“Tonisha approached us with awesome energy and vibes that really fed into our creativity. As young fashion designers and tailors, we are tech and social media savvy but we lacked the more intricate skills for developing an impactful website so The Enterprise Toolbox pretty much saved the day. Thanks to them, we saw a massive increase in revenue and customers, enabling us to open a boutique in Edinburgh.”

Spellweave is a boutique, indie fashion start-up based in Edinburgh that replicates and sells vintage and period clothing with a contemporary twist. Before working with me, Spellweave only operated online and had no physical store to showcase their clothing range which was their ideal goal.

They also really needed their concept and values and present that on an effective website that led to sales. One of the skills the team and I are particularly good at is web development, so we really got our teeth stuck into this project.

Spellweave already had a good business model and plan, so we just needed to really sell that on their website. I helped them build their website from scratch while sourcing expertise from members of The Toolbox team in coding and programming. We focussed on key aspects such as consistent and attractive design, a user-friendly menu that took customers on a journey, the ecommerce experience so that it was easy for the customer and practical for their team as well as much more.

This was probably, and mercifully, our easiest and most straightforward client to deal with given my expertise in web development. Working closely with the owners, we built a professional grade website that could not only compete with similar businesses but have them stand out from the crowd.

A year later, Spellweave successfully opened a boutique store in Edinburgh following increased revenue thanks to their new and improved website. Great result.

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