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Case Study: WebSmart

Discover the tale of brilliant developers on their road to becoming successful entrepreneurs.

WebSmart’s Thoughts:

“Tonisha and the team at The Enterprise Toolbox were an absolute joy to work with. Being that they are web-developers, they knew exactly what we were talking about; we didn’t have to explain or outline anything when it came to the services we can provide. I look forward to working with Tonisha again soon.”

WebSmart are a small start-up firm of web designers based in Nottingham but operating across the UK. They had a goal to go big, wanting to open three offices in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool.

While tech-savvy and experts in their profession, the web-developers needed the skills and knowledge of how to build a successful business plan so they joined the team and I on the Enterprise Toolbox programme.

Being from a web development background, I was excited and fully equipped to guide WebSmart in developing an extensive, year-long business plan. We met face-to-face and got the whole team together to develop and build the plan, which included:

  • Summarising their why: Which problems they are solving for their customers and the services and products they’d provided,
  • Investigating additional opportunities to delight their customer,
  • Business fundamentals and more

Following my guidance and advice, WebSmart successfully built and executed a yearlong business plan. They gained eight clients within a month and another 15 three months later. Thanks to the growing success of the business, WebSmart achieved their goal of opening an office in Manchester and is now an established brand in web development. Their projections suggest that they will be able to open an office in Leeds by the middle of 2020. Good job!

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