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10 Reasons SME’s Need to Engage with Video

With video, your business will be much easier to find than the competitor’s websites

Have an advantage over your competitors with video!

With video, your business will be much easier to find than the competitor’s websites. Here are 10 things to think about:

1. The Audience –

You can cram a lot of information into a video and the audience will know instantly what your company is about. The more imaginative your video, the more they will get a positive impression about your business.

2. Social Media –

Videos get shared and talked about a lot on social media. If you want your business to be talked about, shared and seen by lots of people then video is the way to do this.

3. Brand Message –

Your video could be humorous, serious, simple or complex but ultimately it needs to be original and to show your brand message. If it is good quality and the video is right then it will get lots of views and will make a huge difference to the amount of customers your business is getting.

4. It’s Your Advert –

Try to think of it like an advert for your company that is going to be watched by lots of people. Aim to cram as much information about your company that you can into the 1 – 1 ½ minute video. Try not to make it longer than this as people will lose interest after about a minute and won’t bother watching the end.

5. Good Value –

It may cost a lot to get a video filmed and edited but once you have made a quality video it will be watched many times over and will reach many people. Other forms of advertisement end up being more expensive because they don’t reach so many people.

6. It’s Global –

If you put the video on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter then it is likely to get seen by a lot of people. Your video will be watched 24 hours a day and can be seen by people all over the world.

7. Quick to Make –

Video is relatively quick to make. Be sure to employ people to produce, film and edit the video for you and you will find that it is quicker to make than other ways of advertising.

8. Monitor the Success –

It is relatively easy to monitor the success of video because you can check how many views it has had from your computer, where as with other methods of advertisement it is difficult to tell. You can also check how many views it has had on social media and gage the reaction of the audience.

10. Easy to Manage –

You can manage how your video is talked about and seen by its audience, for example, if your audience are having a negative reaction to your video then you will know by looking at social media and can adapt your video and re-realise it very quickly with very little extra cost.

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