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Office Hours


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Office Hours

A successful business venture requires talent, and our bespoke Office Hours service can provide you with just that. From essential business analysts and administrators to copywriters and visual content designers, we have someone who can tackle every task and project. 

Our talented professionals pride themselves on being able to sit down and really listen to the client’s needs and expectations, allowing them to deliver precise and effective services for all types of organisations.  

Who is this for?

Office Hours is the ideal resource for anyone in search of highly-skilled, trusted and accredited professionals who have decades of experience in their fields of expertise. 

For those whose busy schedule does not allow enough time to build relationships with talented professionals, the Office Hours service bridges that gap and delivers one of our trusted experts. 

A list of those who have benefited from Office Hours:

  • Enterprising leaders, CEOs and business owners
  • Teachers, academics and learning providers
  • Coaches and trainers
  • Skilled trade workers
  • Project developers
  • Solicitors 
  • Accountants
  • Those suffering with dyslexia
  • Those needing access to support workers

And many more!

How does it work?

  • Office Hours allows you to purchase a minimum of 2 hours of work from one of our accredited and trusted professional members of staff 
  • You can purchase up to 4, 6, 8 and so on hours with a maximum of 20 hours
  • You will be able to communicate directly with the professional via our Client Portal
  • Access to the Client Portal will be sent via an email shortly after your purchase

What else is included?

  • A FREE discovery meeting and goal identification where we explore your unique business needs
  • Access to our Client Portal live service, your digital hub for accessing our various Toolbox services and communicating with the skilled professional who will be taking care of your tasks during the Office Hours service


£20 per hour with a minimum purchase of 2 hour blocks where you will receive access to one of our trusted professionals who will undertake the appropriate tasks for your business.

Office Hours

1 Hour @ £20, 4 Hours @ £80, 8 Hours @ £160, 12 Hours @ £240, 16 Hours @ £320, 20 Hours @ £400


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