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Business as Usual

What is intrapreneurship?

Perhaps you are part of a larger organisation, a cog in the great machine that churns out some obscure product or service that only now you have gotten to grips with. In doing so, you have realised that there are ways in which the business could run more smoothly, or rake in more profits. Finding these opportunities is very similar to being an entrepreneur, the only difference being that you are part of something bigger and your ideas impact more than just yourself.

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The value of self-assessment for enterprising leaders

In a world wrought with savage criticism and scathing reviews, you would not be blamed for believing that the feedback you receive from your stakeholders is all you need to gauge your worth. That is just one aspect of self-improvement, the next part is doing it to yourself. Call it what you want: self-evaluation, self-assessment; it is all entirely necessary and highly valuable.

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